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Beauty Tips & How To's

- Hair Care Tips
- How to Shampoo Your Hair
- Purpose of Shampoo and Suitability for Hair Type
- When to Apply Hair Conditioner
- How to Condition Your Hair
- Things You Should Do to Love Yourself
- Eating Healthy to Stay Beautiful
- What can I do about cellulite
- Facial Exercises
- Simple easy steps to lift your eye brows naturally
- Get beauty sleep & wake up in the morning with a naturally fresh & glowing skin

Hair Care Tips
It is important to choose a hairbrush with bristles that are long enough to contact the scalp in order to distribute the sebum. Always massage your scalp with good oils, as this will make hair strong. Massage at least one time in a week. Shampoo hair regularly. Oily hair looks oily upon waking and generally must be washed every day or every other day.

  • Diet and Nutrition for hair care: Fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain proteins, should be taken in good amount and try to avoid fried and starchy foods.
  • Apply a deep conditioning treatment before shampooing dry hair. Use of excessive hair products can damage your hair.
  • Always keep a blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair.
  • The right conditioner can keep hair moisturized and tangle free. Choose one that suits your hair type.
  • Hair care should be considered when you are coloring your hair using hair color products that won't harm your scalp or damage your hair.



How to Shampoo Your Hair
Buying the right shampoo makes the task of shampooing the right way a lot easier.

  1. For a great head bath, the first step is to brush the hair and de tangle it before shampooing. This prevents hair breakage and hair loss due to tugging or trying to finger comb the hair during shampooing.
  2. Warm water is preferable to hot water while shampooing, as it is just right for effective cleansing.
  3. 3. Depending on the length of hair, the amount of shampoo is lathered onto wet hair. A dime size dollop of shampoo is sufficient for short hair; medium hair length may need a nickel size amount while long hair will naturally cry for more. Salon shampoos usually have a higher concentration and discretion is called for in using lesser amounts than usual for these.
  4. 4. A 3-minute shampoo massage in slow, circular motions, using fingertips (not nails) onto the scalp readies the hair for rinsing.

This can be followed up with a conditioner suitable for the hair type, which may be rinsed out or left in, depending on the individual's status of hair health.



Purpose of Shampoo and Suitability for Hair Type
The primary purpose of a good shampoo is to rid the hair of any residues including dirt and oil. Clarifying shampoos are specifically formulated to remove product build up while deep-penetrating, cream based moisturizing shampoos nourish dry, permed or color treated hair. To get the best results from a head rinse product, it is important to select a shampoo that matches the individual's hair type. Feeling the hair from the roots to the ends will help determine its type and make the process of choosing a shampoo easy. A cleansing shampoo with mint extracts is ideal for oily hair and dry hair does well with moisturizing products that relieve frizz and condition it.

Shampoos made from quality ingredients and professional products are best for quality hair care. These contain the right concentration of proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy cleansing of hair. Making an effort to find the right products saves time and money in the end and ensures the ultimate hair care experience too. of your hair. Avoid blow-drying as far as possible. If you shampoo regularly there is no need to lather twice.

The primary function of a good hair conditioner is to treat the hair after shampooing has taken place and keep it nourished and tamed. All types of hair have to be conditioned to keep it shiny and flexible. Conditioner adds to the natural oil supply and gives shine as well as bounce and strength. Essentially, hair conditioners help replenish the look and feel of the hair after shampooing so they look shiny, healthy and smooth.

Effective hair conditioners help moisturize, add gloss and manageability to hair after it has been subjected to a head-bath with shampoo or other detergents that deplete its natural protective coating. Thus, in this manner, hair conditioners function much like fabric softeners work for clothing: as a softening after-wash for detergents. Hair Conditioner gives a security over hair and makes them luster. Hair can be dried either by wrapping a towel around the head or with the help of a hair-dryer.
Note: Don't rub just blot the wet hair with a towel and then smooth the towel along the length.



When to Apply Hair Conditioner?
Hair Conditioner is identical in its look to shampoo. Apply conditioner when hair is dry. Conditioner helps in hair setting. Rub it into scalp gently for a couple of minutes so that it reaches the roots and gets absorbed. Wash hair again but do not scrub too hard or use too much water. Otherwise, it will be washed off.



How to Condition Your Hair

  1.  After shampooing gently squeeze the excess water.
  2. Comb the hair with the fingers or with wide toothed comb from the roots to the ends gently. Remove tangles.
  3. Apply little conditioner and rub the conditioner through the hair with the fingers. Never rub on the scalp.
  4. Keep it on the hair for 5 minutes.
  5. Now gently massage the hair to loosen the conditioner.
  6. Rinse the hair and remove all traces of conditioner. Now dry the hair.



Things You Should Do to Love Yourself
True beauty isn't just on the outside, but it is really something that comes from the inside. You can appear to be attractive, but if you don't have an attractive personality to go along with it, then that just ruins the whole purpose of being a beautiful person.

How far do you think a pretty face will take you? It's the beautiful person on the inside that makes all the difference. You can decide whether you want to be just another pretty face or a person with an absolutely fantastic personality. I'm sure that you've seen girls who are not so good-looking with a whole fleet of guys around them.

The answer is simple. It's because they have great confidence in themselves which makes them look desirable, and people, especially guys, like being around a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Act the way that you would like to be treated.

Don't criticize yourself
You are your own worst critic, and that is true. Don't name every single flaw you have because it's very displeasing and makes others feel uncomfortable. If you say something like, "ugh I'm so fat", it puts people in a weird position so just don't do it. Some girls do this to seek attention or affirmation that these things aren't true.

This is really not a good way to make you feel any better. You should always compliment yourself, instead of mentally tearing yourself down. Don't point out the negative things, point out the positive things you have to offer.

You can't rely on other people to make you feel good about yourself. That is your job. Think about this, if you don't appreciate yourself, then who will?

Is it possible that's all in your head?
I'm sure you've all been around these kinds of girls who insult herself for no reason. They do it just to receive compliments. Maybe, you're one of those girls yourself. The truth is, people don't like to hear that negativity and find it just plain annoying.

I'm not saying that all girls who feel bad about themselves fish for compliments, but some of them do.

Some girls are just so perfectly gorgeous, slim, with a lot of friends and everything, but they still insist on calling themselves fat and ugly. More than likely they know those things aren't true. They say it just so people will assure them that they look great and all. It's irritating to other people.

Some girls probably do this to get compliments, and some girls may do this because they really have a bad view on themselves. If this is the case, then they really need to talk with a close friend or spend some time on fixing their brains.

Like I've said before, it comes from within. You have to be the one to feel radiant inside.

Nobody else can provide you with that feeling.

One of those bad days
So what do you do, when you have one of those days, when you just feel so down about yourself? Everyone has them. Basic common sense thought, "Don't let the bad day get the best of you." Don't let it make people around you suffer along. If you don't feel good that day. Then just spend some time alone.

Let your uniqueness show
Who says we have to be thin to be beautiful? We don't have to look like a supermodel to find ourselves attractive. We shouldn't let those things get to us. All those magazines, TV show, and movies with the "perfect" people are all just fantasy. It isn't real life. It isn't how real people look like.

This is real life here. We are real people. We don't look perfect at all. We all have our own different problems. Our differences (our flaws) are what make us special and unique.

Don't let anyone else make you think you aren't good enough. Just remember to feel good about yourself, no matter what. That mentality will take you far in life.



Eating Healthy to Stay Beautiful
Fresh vegetables and fruits are the rich sources of energy on this earth. When one consumes appropriate quantity of fruits and vegetables, these sources are very beneficial to improve beauty.

The raw food is specific about beauty such as beauty of health, beauty of mind, soul and body and beauty of nature.

Foods that are found in the wild contain stronger life energy and more minerals.

Most of vegetables and fruits are hybrids and to be high in sugar and low in nutrition.

The following fruits and vegetables are helpful in enhancing beauty:

Fresh fruits in summer like plums, peaches or nectarines are rich sources of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Researchers have shown that fruits from the sources of antioxidants are helpful to protect the skin from Ultraviolet rays. Antioxidants are very beneficial in case of presence of more than one such as in plums, nectarines and California peaches.

- Fresh plums, nectarines and peaches are useful for skin as they has low glycerin as compared to juices and other fruits.
- Take coconut as sprinkle over the dish and extending the pieces of fruits on the plate.
- Antioxidants and natural acids in yogurt and fruit will lightly and nourish the skin during oil removed from walnuts will lend sheen and softness.
- Take fresh fruits for making salads sensational and the dressing.
- Berries are also the source of antioxidant and elements of natural anti-inflammatory are used to prevent and repair the damaged skin.

Water is the best method for making the skin soft and smooth. Cantaloupe and olive essential oil are used to maintain a healthy skin. People should take one full tablespoon of olive oil each week and it can keep healthy skin. For vanquish dry skin, one should take a ½ cup of cantaloupe cubes.

A study has shown that person who takes a Mediterranean food rich in fats from beans. Soy is very beneficial for containing estrogen, it is found to promote healthy skin and stimulate connective tissue.

Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach are the main source of antioxidants; people should take these vegetables for reducing blackheads, inflammation and pimples from the surface of the skin. One should take fresh fruits and vegetables that are the sources of Vitamin A, C and E.

Therefore people should eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly to get healthy skin. Keep in mind; do not take more spicy, oily or greasy foods, as they are not giving the best results for skin.



What can I do about cellulite?
This common problem, which is usually seen on the back of the legs, thighs and buttocks, has been difficult to treat. It has been observed that those people using a body lotion containing DMAE show improvement in appearance after only a few applications, with more dramatic benefits accruing with time. Also make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

We always have to keep in mind that the skin reflects our internal state of health and nutrition. Therefore to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits to skin diseases or aging we must follow the anti-inflammatory diet and take selected anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements in addition to using topical antioxidant, anti-inflammatory skin treatments.



Facial Exercises
Probably, a good laugh is the best way to relax a tense face, but these facial exercises also help to tone the face muscles quickly.

  1. Scrunch up your whole face for a few seconds so that your nose is wrinkled, your forehead furrowed, and your eyes and mouth are tightly closed.
  2. Do the opposite. Open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can.
  3. Close your mouth again, purse your lips, and push your mouth up to the left, then push to the right.
  4. Grin - as if from ear to ear and open your eyes wide again.
  5. Hold and repeat the grin, but this time, tuck in your chin to tighten your neck muscles.



Simple easy steps to lift your eye brows naturally
Step one: life up your eye brows with your four fingers.
Step two: squint your eyes shut as tight as possible, while lifting your eyebrows as high as possible.
Step three: hold this for at least 30 seconds.

When you are all finished with these steps, you should brush out your eyebrows. This exercise is simple and extremely difficult to do wrong, and if you do this right you will immediately notice a difference and a raise in your eyebrows, you will also notice a major change in your face and bringing out your eyes and making you appearance come off as more open and awake. These are the simple free facial exercises for your face which you can try even sitting in the bath. Chewing gum also exercises the muscles of the face and neck and increases blood circulation.



Get beauty sleep & wake up in the morning with a naturally fresh & glowing skin
Make-up can camouflage your dark circles but can it make you look as ravishing as after you've had your beauty sleep? In case of severe insomnia, be sure to consult a doctor.

- Keep regular hours for sleeping and waking.
- Try conscious relaxation or meditation before bedtime. It helps to calm the mind.
- Add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm milk and drink it before bedtime.
- Keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
- Try reading a book.
- Have a bed switch, so you don't have to get up to turn out the lights.


- Exercise just before bedtime.
- Try to sleep immediately after a meal.
- Have stimulants like coffee before bedtime.
- Keep your TV set in the bedroom.
- Force yourself to sleep. It's a sure way of keeping awake!

Coffee and drugs such as diet pills decongestants can cause insomnia, or inability to sleep.